SCHLÜTER & MAACK originates, processes and merchandises  Green Lentils (Laird & Richlea) types, Green Peas and Yellow Peas

In addition to our Mustard programs, Schlüter & Maack will purchase from time to time Green Lentils (Laird & Richlea) types, Green Peas and Yellow Peas. Depending on markets and sale opportunities we will tender on potential business with secure end buyers which will translate into excellent movement for our growers in a timely fashion.

Schlüter & Maack is not a position taker with respect to all of the commodities we handle, because of our 200-year history we have excellent customer relations, so we purchase only against firm and committed sales.

By operating our business in this manner our contracts and delivery periods match up between our growers and our customers. In doing this our growers can count on product movement according to their contract and as such not worry about cash flow delays.


Scott Cunningham / COO
Phone: 1-306-771-4987 ext. 2
Cellphone: 1-306-531-8009
E-Mail: s.cunningham@schlueter-maack.com


  • Green Lentils (Laird & Richlea)

  • Green Peas

  • Yellow Peas